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Efficient Geothermal Heating & Cooling in Purcellville, VA

Today, geothermal energy is a new source of power, and Temp-A-Tron, Inc. is tapping into its many uses. Our contractor based in Purcellville, Virginia, is ready to design a customized geothermal heating and cooling system specifically for you.
Thermostat — Geothermal Heating in Purcellville, VA
Radiant Heating Systems — Geothermal Heating in Purcellville, VA

Cost-Efficient Heating

Traditional heating systems require more energy to run, meaning you spend more on your energy costs. Geothermal heating systems, such as water furnaces, heat pumps, radiant floor heaters, and domestic hot water systems use the earth loop to extract heat from the ground and distribute it through ductwork or pipes to warm the air. As an added bonus, it costs less to run.

Reverse the Process

When in the cooling mode, your geothermal system reverses the heating process to create cool, conditioned air. In short, it doesn't extract heat from the ground. Instead, it uses heat from the air, which is either moved into the earth loop or used to preheat water.